Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there from Vancouver?

Drive to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay, just past West Vancouver, on the road towards Whistler. It is a few minutes from the Lions Gate bridge. Check the schedule at  If you are able to plan ahead, it is sometimes helpful to pre-book on a specific ferry at busy times of the year. It is only a 40 minute ride, and you can get a meal on the ferry. From the ferry terminal (Langdale) on the Sunshine Coast, you are less than 10 minutes to Harbour House on a pleasant drive through the charming Town of Gibsons, even if you take your time.

Are toilet paper, soap, towels, pillows and bedding included?


Do you supply food or any alcohol? Are there cooking supplies?

We do have a “use it and leave it” policy for dry consumables, like spices, in our kitchen. Feel free to use the spices and other dry supplies, but you do need to bring your own food and alcohol, just as you would at your own place. We have a good supply of dishes and utensils, pots and pans, cups and glasses.

Is there a cleaning fee?

No, there is no additional cleaning fee. Cleaning is done for the next guests, as soon as you check out. Our expectation is you will leave the home in a similar condition as that in which you found it. If it is soiled and really not clean, we reserve the right to charge extra for a deeper clean.

Should we wash bed sheets before we leave?

No need to do that, we’ll look after it!

Should we wash dishes before we leave?

It would be helpful if you could put the dishes in the dishwasher and start it before you leave.

Can we use the kayaks?

Yes, but only after you provide a signed release to us, and you agree to the safety rules.

If I or one of my friends forgets something, how can I get it back?

Let us know immediately, and we can hold it for you or send it by FedEX.

How long does it take for me to get my deposit back?

Usually we try to do an immediate inspection and can release the deposit within days. Sometimes the release takes up to 3-4 days through the banking system, once approved by us. You should have it back within a week to 10 days at most.

Is there WiFi and TV?

Yes. Martin will provide the wifi password once you have booked.

Are pets allowed?

Generally no. If there is a special request for a family member, or a working animal, please discuss this with Martin.

Is smoking allowed?

This is a non-smoking property. Smoke detectors are located throughout the property for everyone’s safety.